The history of cocktails is fascinating but what about the spirits that make them. Who invented absinthe? Why does gin have to be infused with juniper berries? Why are there so many different types of brandy? I try to provide as interesting and rich of a history to every ingredient as I do cocktail.

The history of every ingredient is just as rich and fascinating as the cocktails they create.

My goal is to build the best curation of cocktail and cocktail ingredient history. This does not mean I wan to rebuild Wikipedia entries for these items or write a boring text book. The goal of this project is to present useful information in a simple, informative way that even someone who is buzzed will enjoy reading just as much as someone who is sober and curious will.  

Experiment with new spirits and know exactly what you can make with it.

  • Save liquors and other ingredients to learn what vintage cocktails you can make.
  • If an item can be substituted for another the Cocktail Royale will let you know.
  • Save items to a shopping cart to make get the ingredients for making a specific drink.
  • Learn the origin behind every drink and ingredient. 
  • Real photos of every cocktail that accurately portray each drink.
  • Information is organized in an easy to use and intuitive manner.