I got tired of endless scrolling past the same drinks with different names, requiring very specific products and finally not even a picture to see what the cocktail will even look like. All one gets is an endless list of words for drinks they can't even make. I wanted something better, no one else was making it (Now see why, its been very expensive and has required countless hours of reading and photographing) so I decided I would make it.


Cocktail Royale's Mission To provide authentic Recipes and histories.

The Goal of this project is to curate as many of the good vintage cocktails (there are some gross ones, so I try to leave those out) as possible in a single easy to use and informative mobile application. Simply save the ingredients you already have and the application will tell you what you can make. Cocktail Royale will continue to update the cocktail and ingredient descriptions as new information is found and continue to add new ingredients and cocktails regualarly.

cocktails you never knew you could make

  • Save liquors and other ingredients to learn what vintage cocktails you can make.
  • If an item can be substituted for another the Cocktail Royale will let you know.
  • Save items to a shopping cart to make get the ingredients for making a specific drink.
  • Learn the origin behind every drink and ingredient. 
  • Real photos of every cocktail that accurately portray each drink.
  • Information is organized in an easy to use and intuitive manner.