Brandy Update Part 2

So I will start working on second brandy update that will include other fruit brandy's like cherry, apricot, peach etc. I cranked through my last one and got it out in 3 weeks but give me a few weeks on this one because I also want to do some quality control. I want to fix in this app: the cocktail recipe orders some, make the android app a little prettier and look better on a wide range of device (I tested it mostly on a pixel 2), replace a few older uglier pictures with prettier ones, take out any bugs, and also clean up my code on both a little too. It will add a little extra time but I should be fine.

• In October (the 1 year anniversary of me first releasing this app!) I plan on doing a big writing clean up of my descriptions and change the way the iOS version makes views. Most of my views for iOS are written out, this makes it do the whole weird iPhone screen on an iPad thing. I plan to convert them to .xib files, so it looks normal on an iPad and iPhone. Any who I doubt anyone is still reading this because I'm just rambling now and its stupid. bye.