Brandy Update

Howdy folks,

So the next plan is a brandy update! Actually it will be part 1 of a 2 part brandy update. part 1 will be apple, grape and Pisco brandy cocktails and part 2 will focus on those and cherry and apricot. Here is a list of the cocktails I will be adding:

 Champs Elysees, corpse reviver #1, Pisco Punch, El Capitan, Chilcano, brandy daisy, avenue, the honeymoon, brandy crusta, calvados cocktail, east india cocktail, mint julep, japanese cocktail 1800, between the sheets, harvard, biter cocktail, bombay cocktail #2, apple jack cocktai, dream cocktail

I also have fixed a couple bugs where the app crashes if you try to tap on the empty "nothing in your cart cell". Oops. This is in both android and iOS. I also improved the search and added origin location information that is also searchable. So if you want to find all the cocktails that are known to have originated in New York, San Francisco, London, etc. you can.

Give me a little time to solidify my research, take pictures and write their history's. I don't think anyone actually reads this but if someday someone does, it does make me look more like I know what I'm doing.